About us

Arbetsmarknadsdagen was founded in 2015 and is now the largest business fair in Halmstad. 

The fair is for all students at Halmstad University and targets a wide range of industries. Besides giving students and companies a chance to network, AMD also organizes interesting and valuable lectures.

Not just a network!

To be apart of Team AMD is not just an opportunity to build a network that will benefit you after your graduation, it is also a chance for you to make friends with other students. Team AMD is for everyone who:

  • Is ambitious and driven
  • Is a problem solver
  • Likes to socialise
  • Prefers to work in a team 

Why apply for TEAM AMD?


Practical experience of working in a team will stand out in your résumé


The opportunity to establish contact with both students and companies

Pre-release tickets for the lectures

access pre-release tickets to ensure a seat on the lectures

Which role suits you the best?


The board's right-hand man
that keeps the fair going

Responsible for:

⋄ The information desk

⋄ The student lounge

⋄ The company lounge

⋄ Preparing for the lectures


The companies right-hand man,
ensures that the companies are satisfied

Responsible for:

⋄ Being in contact with the companies

⋄ Welcoming the companies

⋄ Guiding the companies during the fair

Anmälan är stängd


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